Why Are We Quarantining?

April 2, 2020  |  By Aaron Nieson  |  Safety & Security Healthy Aging

These are turbulent times, to say the least. With so many recommendations being made by officials, it can feel overwhelming, especially when public health is involved.

Arrow Senior Living, like many senior living communities around the country, has instituted a policy of limiting contact with the outside world as much as possible. Essential deliveries and employees, such as food services, sanitation, care workers, and some others, are still allowed, but social visits and outside entertainers have been strictly halted.

But why are we doing this? Is it truly necessary? Isn’t everyone overdoing it a bit?

The short answer is that this is necessary for the health and safety of seniors.

We’ve seen from the numbers that seniors are the most at-risk group for severe complications and death from coronavirus and COVID-19. It is estimated that the fatality rate for those 80 and over is 13.4% if they develop COVID-19. (source: The Lancet Medical Journal)

That is why we are treating the threat of coronavirus as a serious danger and implementing the strictest guidelines in order to stop the spread of the virus.

Because COVID-19 can present with mild symptoms that can easily be mistaken for a common cold, or even present with no symptoms at all, this virus has been very difficult to track and treat.

For those working inside of the building, we require personal protective equipment to protect both the team members and residents. The most effective way of defeating the virus is ensuring it never infects in the first place. Gloves, masks, thorough sanitization, and reducing contact as much as possible are the very best methods of eliminating the spread of the virus.

We will continue these practices until it is deemed safe. We will also continue to follow all recommendations by the CDC.

If you have a loved one in a senior community, there are various ways to keep in contact, including video chats, email, phone calls, and the tried and true handwritten letter.

By taking extra precautions such as social distancing, washing your hands, and self-isolating when possible, we will get through these difficult times together.