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Senior Living Source brings you an outstanding collection of premium guides on a variety of senior aging topics. Our guides expand on the details from our blog articles, so you have what you need to know to thrive in a new and challenging experience. These resources are a compilation of best practices, industry information, and real talk about senior-related topics to help empower and educate you. Download Senior Living Source’s premium guides today!


Honoring Seniors and Their Experiences

Seniors are at the heart of the circumstances and decisions in their lives, regardless of who is reading a Senior Living Source guide. Right away, you’ll notice that our guides are different because they are written to help seniors make tough decisions about their wellness, care, finances, and living arrangements. We honor every person’s right to make their own decisions.

Seniors who live at an independent living community enjoying dinner and wine together

Home Care vs. Senior Living: Which Is Right for You?

Learn the benefits and drawbacks of both senior living and home care, compare pricing, and learn how to determine which option would work best for you.

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Senior woman wearing pink shirt at senior living community painting with friends

A Quick Guide to Finding the Best Senior Living Communities Near You

Finding a senior living community that fits your unique situation begins with knowing the right terms, questions, and features to consider.

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A Family’s Preferred Destination for Real Guidance

Families return to Senior Living Source for one simple reason: We know that seniors are the final decision makers in their own lives. That’s why our guiding principles put the senior first and then family in the context of how to provide meaningful support. Download Senior Living Source’s guides today to learn how to approach challenging situations with empathy and to discover useful, actionable steps to help the senior in your life thrive.

Seniors who live at an independent living community enjoying dinner and wine together

What is Long Term Care and How Do You Find the Right Community?

Long-term care used to mean a “nursing home” but the landscape has changed considerably. Today long-term care is a term that defines the level of care needed for the length of time necessary.

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Assisted living guide

Find the Best Assisted Living Facility for Your Loved One

Assisted living is the perfect solution for seniors who need daily care. Learn what to look for when choosing a community.

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