Foods to Eat for a Healthy Brain

March 16, 2021  |  By Brandon Schleeter  |  Healthy Aging

A healthy brain should always be a top priority, especially for our older loved ones. Thankfully, promoting brain health doesn’t have to be full of bland veggies that nobody likes. Here, we’ve jotted down some of the best brain foods (in no particular order) and worked up an appetite while we did it! 


Full of Omega-3 fatty acids, B vitamins, protein, potassium, and selenium, studies show that salmon has the potential to stabilize mood changes and slow mental degeneration in older adults. 


These crazy looking nuts also pack a crazy amount of goodness: from unsaturated fatty acids, protein, calcium, fiber, iron, and zinc, they have been proven to help seniors think more clearly, improve their stress reaction, and improve memory and other cognitive functions


These morsels are full of good stuff such as vitamin D, B vitamins, omega-3 fatty acids, protein, niacin, calcium, phosphorus, and potassium. Sardines have been proven to reduce the likelihood of Alzheimer’s disease, support a healthy nervous system, and help to control blood sugar levels

Green Tea

This popular drink also has surprising benefits for the elderly such as boosting brain function and alleviating mental fatigue. Packed to the brim with amino acids, enzymes, catechins, polyphenols, and vitamins, it has more than enough to promote a healthier brain. 


A surprising entry in the list, chocolate carries many antioxidants, particularly flavonols, which may stimulate the brain, prevent cognitive decline, reduce blood pressure, improve circulation, and lower cholesterol in seniors. 


Avocados are loaded with monounsaturated fatty acids that lower cholesterol, maintain healthy blood pressure, and protect the brain’s nerve cells. 


These delightful little berries contain manganese, vitamin C, vitamin K, and dietary fiber. Studies show that blueberries can improve memory through such properties, reduce the risk of cancer and inflammation, improve brain function, lower cholesterol, and control blood pressure. 


Known for its generous supply of folic acid and enzymes, spinach can support brain health, boost neurotransmitters, and regulate water retention.  

And there you have it, the best foods that seniors can eat on their way to a healthier brain. And the best part is, they not only promote brain health, but they are also mouth-wateringly delectable as well. To learn more about delicious foods that can boost brain health, check out our Blue Zones guide. You’ll also learn more about our senior living options along with further information on memory care on our website at Arrow Senior Living.

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