There’s a lot that goes into the senior living discussion and decision-making process.

Any transition or move can cause stress and worry, but when you add in all the stereotypes tied to senior living communities, the conversation can become even more emotional.

We’re here to help you have real, meaningful conversations about senior living with your loved one and discover what to do after the initial talk. In this guide, you’ll learn:

  • What to consider when exploring senior living communities

  • How to determine what values are most important to you and your loved one

  • How to start the conversation so that it’s productive and not defensive

  • How to determine needs and wants, and how communities can meet those

  • What some commonly requested features in senior living communities are

  • How to handle fears and cold feet with empathy and understanding

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I would recommend (senior living) to others based on my experience... The food is amazing and I think they offer great value. The rent looks expensive but when you do the math with all that is included it is a great deal.

- Nancy B.

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